The Power Industry is very fast growing industry and Solutions are available for Power Distribution, Transmission and Generation. We offer Power plant Automation solutions for both conventional Power Plants like Thermal Power plants as well as non-conventional Power plants like Solar, Wind Power, Hydel Power as well as Bio Diesel plants. The Power portfolio includes variety of applications like

  • Power Generation including Boiler Automation, Turbine Automation
  • Balance of plant including DM ( Demineralized ) Water Plant automation, Coal Handling Plant, Ash Handling plant
  • Complete Instrumentation package for Power plant
  • Solar Power Plant Automation
  • Rotational Load Power Shedding
  • Substation Automation
  • Vibration Monitoring System for Turbines
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Power Distribution

We undertake complete automation as well as Turnkey Instrumentation packages in Power.

  • Cheema Boilers
  • Ruchira Paper
  • Hero Honda
  • Star Paper
  • NTPC Unchahar


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