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Information & IIoT Solutions

Information solutions are becoming very important today as they enable the transfer of real time manufacturing data to the stakeholders in a very comprehensive and understandable custom-made formats. This data earlier used to reach decision-makers through manual plant reports and the decision making was delayed or the data was prone to manipulation. Our information solutions are based on standard software suites from Rockwell Automation/Siemens/etc. The information solutions offered by us include:

  • MES solutions aimed at optimizing manufacturing processes

  • MIS reporting

  • OEE ( Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for machine, line and plant level.

  • Custom reporting and Historian solutions

  • Connectivity solutions between plant floor data and ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, etc.

  • RFID and bar code-based Product Integrity, Tracking and Tracing solutions. 

  • Warehouse Management solutions using RFIDs

  • IIoT Solutions to capture shop floor data.

  • Visualization/Dashboard solutions for live plant monitoring.

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