The water is one of the scarcest natural resource on earth today and lots of investments are happening in Water and Waste water industry. Whether it is treatment of water in WTPs (Water Treatment Plants), STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants), ETPs (Effluent Treatment Plants) the automation has become mandatory to meet process requirements as well as regulatory compliances. Our solutions range from automation to turnkey Instrumentation packages including supply and erection of Valves, Instruments and other Analyzers. The applications include :

  • Water Distribution for large cities and towns
  • Water Treatment plants with distribution
  • Irrigation including water pumping and distribution in farms in villages
  • Sewage Treatment plants for Municipal corporations
  • Effluent Treatment Plants for various manufacturing plants
  • RO plants and Tube wells automation

We undertake complete electrical solutions, automation solutions as well as Instrumentation packages for Water industry. We have done these applications with Municipal corporations of various states as well as with private industry. We also have an expertise in offering wireless communication solutions with RTUs and centralized monitoring and control. These installations are running in India as well as countries like Africa, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia etc

  • Reliance
  • CWG Delhi
  • UPJN, Ghaziabad
  • Vizag Steel Plant
  • DJB Delhi


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