We have a specialist Process team with huge experience of process applications and have successful installations of DCS, Process control systems and Turnkey Instrumentation in this area. We have been designated as a Process Channel partner by Rockwell Automation. Apart from these solutions advanced solutions like APC also form part of our offerings wherein we help our customers optimize their control process and increase efficiency and productivity by achieving a tighter control using APC.

The applications include :

  • Distillation Columns in Chemical plants
  • Distilled Fatty Acid (DFA) Plant
  • Cotton Seed Oil Refinery ( Hulling, Delinting, Oil Extraction)
  • Extraction & Concentration Plant for Vegetable oil
  • Evaporators & Spray Dryers for Pharma and Dairies
  • Sulphonation Plant
  • Saponification Plant in Soap manufacturing
  • Tank Farm Management in Fertilizers plants
  • Furnace Automation in Metals Industry
  • Pulverized Coal Supply system for Blast Furnace
  • Bottom blowing technology for mixing various gases with fuel in Blast Furnace
  • Electroplating plants for Nickel and Crome plating
  • Godrej
  • G A C Limited
  • Unilever
  • Bayer Cropscience


Our Certifications


ISO 9001:2000
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