Customer Name: Jain Irrigation, Jalgaon

End user name - PHED, Himachal Pradesh Irrigation
Application - Complete Automation and Instrumentation of the Irrigation system spread over 3500 Hectares
Order value - 225 lacs

Solution Summary:

  • Automation System for all Pumping/Lifting stations, main water tanks and tube wells.
  • Connectivity Options on GSM and GPRS
  • All tube wells, inlet tank near pump house and outlet tanks shall have level transmitters to transmit status of water level and enable control of level ensuring availability of water.
  • Pressure switches shall be provided in outlet delivery of common header pipe lines.
  • Electromagnetic flow meter shall be provided at each location and flow to be displayed in SCADA at central control point.
  • Advance Automation for Pump Control & Monitoring with a Central controller and SCADA and RTUs at remote locations
  • Remote monitoring & control from Central station to RTUS via GSM
  • Data acquisition at local level
  • MIS Reporting


  • The Automation System is designed to have a SCADA based system which controls the Remote Terminal Unit(RTU) and to monitor the various pumping parameters at various stages.
  • All RTUs are considered with GSM /GPRS Modem & HMI system.
  • The quoted system is designed to consider PC stations for water supply supervision at Main Pumping Station.
  • Total No. of RTUs considered is >60 nos.
  • Alarm Monitoring, Status Indicators will be communicated through GSM / GPRSmodem from RTUs to Control Centre.
  • All RTUs will be housed in suitable sized control panel with HMI (wherever required) for monitoring all parameters at Remote including setting the set points.

Solution Benefits:

Cost reduction due to unaccounted water, maintenance cost reduction , Lift station early problem detection , energy and chemical material cost reduction


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