Customer Name: REI Agro, Haryana

Project : Turnkey Solution for a 1200 TPD Rice Mill including Design & Consultancy, Engineering, Supply of PCCs, MCC, Cable Laying & Erection, Automation and MIS Reporting.
Customer : REI AGRO, Bawal, Haryana, India
Capacity : 2 X 25 TPH
End Product : Basmati Rice

Customer Pains:

  • Revamping of existing 2X 12 TPH lines to 2 X 25 TPH lines at the same premises using the same space along with 48 Silos both for Paddy and Head Rice
  • Efficient design to utilize the space available – Electrical and Material Flow
  • Minimize the time in Integration between electrical and Control equipment
  • Reduce time to market as the complete Electrical and Automation erection, installation and commissioning takes minimum 6 months as there are more than 800 feeders
  • Increase throughput from 60% to 80%
  • Real time availability of data to decision maker
  • Reduce the no. of operators
  • Reduce breakage and improve Product quality& consistency
  • Increase Energy efficiency

Results delivered:

  • The overall scope delivered in 158 days resulting in 22 additional days of production @ 50 TPH for 528 hrs resulting in additional revenues of INR 30 M against an order of INR 50 M on Dyanamic Engineers – Use of LOGIX to reduce engineering time
  • The overall efficiency of the plant achieved at 84% against the target of 80% from original efficieny of manual plant at 60%
  • Reduction in manpower by 60%
  • Line balancing leading to NIL Nuisance tripping because of Jamming and starvation
  • Increased product quality and consistency due to reduction in grain breakage resulting in fetching higher market price
  • Reduced downtine with fault indication software and enhanced troubleshooting
  • Real time Production reports available on decision maker’s mobile phone
  • Achieved SILO temperature control through ROD Type temp. sensors
  • Accurate loss analysis using online Weighers and Flow Meters
  • Compact design resulted in accomodating 2X25 TPH along with 48 SILOS lines in place of 2X12TPH lines in the same space
  • Energy consumption reduced by 18% by use of VFDs and NIL machine idling
  • Unexpected shutdowns due to Power outages reduced to almost zero due to selection given in each MCC to select source as TG or GRID/ DG

System Configuration:

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ISO 9001:2000
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